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Let's get started!

Thank you for choosing Easy2Sync for Outlook. You can sync your Outlook data with 3 simple steps:

1. Run2. Install3. Start
In your browser click on 'Run'.Install+start Easy2Sync on all all PCs.Create a new task on your main PC an and run it. Done.

(Problems? We like to help.)

Synchronize iCloud-Account

If you have multiple apple devices you'll probably want to sync the iCloud folders calendar, contacts with Outlook. Mo problem for Easy2Sync for Outlook. Simply create a new sync task for contacts, calendar and perhaps also notes and task with your iCloud profile in Outlook - done.


You can combine this with the numerous start options that are typical for Easy2Sync, like "every 5 minutes", "If something changes" or with a link on your desktop.

Filtering the Sync

You define what Easy2Sync sees during the sync. You can filter by age, subject, category, folder or private-flag and Easy2Sync will notice only the 'good' entries. For example to synchronize on appointments or only contacts that are marked as 'private'.


To avoid confusion: Easy2Sync for Outlook can access you locally configured iCloud accounts sync (or copy) them with other iCloud accounts, PST files or Exchange account. For synchronizing your iPhone / iPad you'll still need iTunes.

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